Customers, users, they aren’t the same

Yet another recent article in an otherwise wise mag tripped over the not even remotely subtle distinction between customers and users, when it comes to bragging rights of social media platforms.
User, users everywhere … But even by the billions they aren’t providing any subscription income… Because they’re just the product. Would mr Musk brag about how many Model S3X cars can run off his new factory’s assembly lines [errr…, yes he may], or would he be happier when there’s some out there that actually pay for the products? [that’s why he may]
At least, here we can still (sic) speak of actual products and clients. Where already clients and (‘all’) users are not the same thing. Buried in the above-linked article is passing reference to skew in ad revenue. Yes indeed. With the end kicker being the achievement of so-and-so-many billions of users again, to bury the fact that ad revenue points at what Facebook is all about: Lift, shift and retention of ad (selling) companies that are the actual users-customer-clients that bring in the dough.

So, wouldn’t it be better business reporting to stratify the users by ad generation ..? Wouldn’t it be better to point out all developments in revenues per ‘active’ user? Wouldn’t it be honest to report how little per user the ultimately advertising company makes in additional renevue by sales of (near-)physical products ..?

I’ll leave you with:
[The Salz’ worth going all the way up there, the ‘user’ down below made to feel on top of it…]

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