Cyber ‘Nam

OK… As you know I wouldn’t be the war monger re ‘cyber’ warfare. And don’t have the answers — neither do you! — but have searched and asked for them; see past posts (numerous).
This one is more about how the campaigns and battles are fought. Full cyberstatefulfirewallcomplexmonitoringNOCSOC jacket style, out there in the field. (Privacy) protesters at home, safely away from the danger. Some top brass (‘generals die in bed’) ordering your data forward, hardly trained/hardened or crypto protected and blaming shoddy execution and wily counterparts. The traumatised demobilised db admin not wanting to shoot down even a deer-like referential integrity violation. Et cetera. Feel free to add to the comparison. E.g., how things will develop. Or– how thing would have to work out if, huge if, for once history is learnt from.

Oh well. @CyberTaters and @cyberXpert will have their way. And #ditchcyber. And this:
[Will be.]

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