Drones are the new tablets

It’s obvious once you think about it (which admittedly may or may not be obvious in your case) —

  • Desktop sales rebound a bit, on new (‘large’, expensive-)chip performance;
  • Tablet sales a sagging as they turn out to be too slow, and the ‘keyboard’ size and control pads turn out to be insufficient for all but casual browsing. Though highest-end specs may suffice, almost;
  • But at the lower end they’re overtaken by notephones;
  • And, at the higher end, 2-in-1 laptops shrink with all their convenience and power on board (SSD mem…) to (better) serve the nomads (than till now);
  • Unexplored newness (post-retro-hipster, though a lot of ppl around may have missed a couple of trend switches probably due to being sheeple anyway) is now in Drones. Of all sorts:
    • Not just cam pics/vids of the casual kind,
    • We’ll see an array of submarkets springing up,
    • E.g., photography: Think about all the much-better tilt-shifted [No. No. NO! Not the crapcam idiot-filter kind!] pics of any environment, including cityscapes and high(sic)rise architecture,
    • Or the pro-am sports event coverage that can improve so much (except for the actual pros — they may lose their margin),
    • And industrial inspection may be much easier if done right; replacing bulky dangerous man-manned choppers etc. — see the text of this!
    • Lots of variants are out there, still; no market rationalisation in action (yet),
    • No easy Eple version being in sight. That could only have the functionality that sheeple can handle; two simple push buttons: ‘Take-off’ and ‘Crash’,
    • All this, especially since safety issues (and privacy maybe, huh) may mean full freedom may not be feasible in the end — leaving the drone thing to techies (those that have a developed feel for tech, not the weaklings that have grown up thinking math was hard b/c they didn’t want to put in any effort into anything let alone hard learning stuff and were left free by their ‘I live like my kids are an accessory’ too stupid to should have been allowed to be parents). Where techies just don’t grow the market into early adoptor/early majority sizes quickly.

Oh well, I made my point. I hope. Anything to add ..? Like:
[This is a test: If you don’t know what that is, you’re disallowed to operate a drone for obnoxious ignorance]

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