Tesla the Ruptor

You may have read all the stuff on the distinction (… spectrum!) between mere innovation and full-on disruption.
Where Tesla — its car business — would sit rather tightly near the former end, not the latter.

  • Cars. They may look a bit different, but are very much like any other;
  • Four wheels;
  • Steering wheel. On the left front;
  • Bonnet, boot/trunk, windows going up and down, suspension, air bags, even a grille of sorts;
  • Replacing an explosion engine with an earlier (..!?) development the electrical engine. Way to go.

Yes of course some parts aren’t Elon’s fault. Regulators require all sorts of weird stuff to have become normal even for the future. But aren’t Big G’s self-driving trolleys pointing to the absolute design freedom that could be had if one wanted something disruptive ..? I for one would certainly want to see the results of some Box Exploded Now Think Afresh workshop to re-invent the car as we know it. Or even have:
[Plucked from the ‘net, for once]
Oh I do not mean literally but something beautiful, somewhat out of the box’y nevertheless. Iconic. Art. That the Model S isn’t…

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