Droning in Wine

Not drowning – drink less, taste more.
Sometimes, ideas have to ripen to get the full palette of primary to tertiary flavours. Unlike wine, however, the process for ideas is more interpuncted qua quality. But certainly not the smooth ride any G hype cycle curve might suggest – though the suggestion that all subjects mentioned on any, would move at the same speed, is incorrect as the time to maturity is in fact indicated – though so seriously obscured that intent may be presumed as not to be held accountable afterwards for the imminent misses. Nor is the ride along the curve smooth in time for any subject; this suggested by the uniformity of the curve that all subjects are pressed onto. As if all reach the same height of hype.

But that’s beside the point now. What I wanted to mention, is when things get unstuck. Like, I had this idea about
[ drone (swarm or flight pattern) + cameras + visual pattern recognition also outside humans’ vision + some quite trivial machine learning on known patterns ]
[ automated disease detection in their earliest developments, hyperlocally ]
[ hyperlocal antidote delivery by … drones again ].
In itself, OK. When all built robust enough (weather, handling).

But I got stuck in not knowing whether or how this could work.
Along came these great ones.
And these.
And now, all sorts of things come together.
Only need to get these people on board, or their constituents. And work out the details of the potential impact – environmental, but also investment/cost/benefit-wise, and qua impact on labour markets. Dedicated (year-round ..?) and experienced labour may be (very) expensive or not, or available in abundance or the contrary. No business without balance, right?

Oh well. Leaving you with:

[Not your average flat terrain, too; Quinta do whatsitsnameagain oh yeah Vallado, Douro – most heartily recommended!]

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