First take on 10

… Oh I didn’t mean to mean actual #first, just that the dust clouds around the official Win10 launch should have subsided and the first indicators of near-future trends should have become clear.
’cause I recall this tweet (?) about some peer that posted: at home, ten years ago (M$) PCs were for business and Macs for fun and now things had changed around but started to reverse again. And I wondered — are there indicators that this would be a trend, due to Win10 ..?

That wouldn’t do much for M$ as the basic first …(double digit)% of business machines still did run on, well, maybe not quite NT-to-XP but still something theirs, and Macs had made some in-roads (in design corners) but not much, and the explosion that caused a relative decline of M$ had been on Other platforms on Other devices. But if we now see Eple demand-push retreating from such a still very, very important market, it makes it, more than before (?) a narrowly-focused operator. Which is fine, in its own right, as the co would have to (innovation-)play on many less fields concurrently than M$ — that still is on anything from desktop, mobile, OS, software of a bewildering variety, business services (cloud et al), gaming world, etc.etc. how do they retain the overview and innovative power everywhere ..?

Anyway; we’ll see… And:
[Nothing special, NO! edits; just a camera test at Noordwijk beach]

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