Free (for) all or valuable next to nothing

We discussed the distinction between ‘users’ and ‘clients’ re socmed recently, and also a bit on socmed usage profiles – I mean, (active) ‘user’ numbers.
Did I mention … (not; ) the development of one catch-all platform for those who have no clue about their own user profiles and hence dump just about anything on Facebuck, in between all duckface, cat and somewhat-(??)-indecent pics since they don’t have the capability to see the future negative reflection this will have on their sensibility qua socmed use?
Plus a whole suite of other socmed platforms, with particular use by respective particular parties that know where to post which content? Not lumping it all together, and have it viewed by just about any irrelevant crowd, but carefully pitching various content at sites where they know only interested, subject-discriminate and -educated (also, by experience) peers will seek, find and see the subject-relevant materials.

Are there any data on this? Big data on various age categories, and whether (other) user categories (per professional category at some level of detail?) use different socmed platforms ..?
Would like to learn; thanks in advance for your pointers.
Oh, edited to add before release: There’s already something on user categories, unfortunately without the numbers.

[Oh all you 2 billion individuals… Caught in the intensive human farming for data…; Zuid-As Ams]

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