Gelernter on Management

Turns out that the seminal Mintzberg’s Managing (as here), has an updated version in the almost off-hand remark by David Gelernter (in this) that we should have been dealing with an “‘organization engineer’ (otherwise known as a ‘manager’)” (p.75) all along, with a focus on the ‘uncoupling’ of the manifold different (sic) tasks to be completed to be doled out to the (relative) specialists in the department. Freeing the latter of switching (time) costs and effectiveness losses, along with freeing them of concurrency resolution.

Which indeed deserves a HT for putting it so clearly: The manager uncouples, doles out, and then awaits the results to be consolidated whilst catering to the external-defense and facilitation needs of the department staff.

Which is also key to understanding that yes managers need to have the best of insights into what the total-tasks and subtasks entail. Hence no more generic-managers over specialist knowledge workers, but task-dedicated super-insight managers. Remunerated for their superior results, not for their babble and chair-stickiness.

Let’s keep it cheerful, for once, for the coming two days and beyond. And:
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