Generation Majordomo

In a slight twist of fate, two weeks ago some fashionable magazine decided to drop caps off ‘Internet’ and just write it internet.
Back then, when drafting this post. About the good times, when people hung out at Woodstock or so, or, well, say, since the 80s, when all sorts of inventions brought one wave of new jargon words and meanings after another.

Also when it struck me that, e.g., ‘majordomo’ seems to be a derelict word. At least, re moderated discussion sites. What Happen — All Your Base Are Belong To Us is almost gone, superseded by Dat Boi (as here). ‘PC compatible’, ‘carriage return’, ‘portals’, ‘surfing’, ‘fax’, ‘PDAs’, ‘modem’ (Hayes compatible, 2800 baud!), ‘Alta Vista’ (the search engine), ‘dynamic HTML’, … all goners.

But apart from the curiosity value, and a few Googled sites with partial information, there’s no real one go-to (sic, or even Goto Considered Dangerous!) site or, in?appropriately, physical location where one can find exhibits of Lost Computer Words.

How sad. We’re losing massive historic reference here, people! Get up and Do Something!

’cause I have no clue how to tackle such a thing… But I do have:
[A gem oh so easily missed; the Aubette at Place Kléber Strasbourg — sorry old unedited pic, still]

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