Mo’nay part II

What if all those bizarre apps / functionality that provide all sorts of payment services, are all attempts, in vain, to restore some functionality that cash had-has ..?

Because all those micropayment stuff, is used mostly if at all for payments in close physical proximity (or just take the effort to… afraid of human closeness are you ..!?) that just cash money was perfect for.
And now we have a chaos of new apps and banking app functionality that solves all those payment problems that you didn’t realise you seriously had and don’t want to clutter over the edge your phones with, in a garbled attempt to fix what we seem to almost have lost, multiple apps per one issue re-solved with much less quality at a time. By, mostly, banks or splinters that will (ahead-of-time absolute fact) fall into the hands of banks, trying to capture your life – all of your value exchanges which for them, is your life but certainly is your panopticon.

Or just admit the great nonsense of it all, Not all that is, and works perfectly, needs disruption. If you think that, no wonder you try (everything) to get your hands on some.

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