No Bounce

A rather philosophical one today …
Is the US society crumbling because … not the 1% or 0,1% taking over the country, not [what’s left of] the working class having no opportunity to work hard [and maybe that not being enough at all to socially climb after (sic) money-class climb], but:
The oh so useful forgiveness for past failure [economically and otherwise] having been abolished, so recovery is no longer possible…
Forgiveness like, going broke and starting afresh with a clean slate [have a look at olde Europe and see what stagnation happens if you prevent people from quick rebounds]. E.g., per credit checks, one simply can’t get rid of the red flag behind one’s name, perpetuated by algo-driven systems that reinforce the red flag over and over again by denying credit.
Forgiveness like also, having served your sentence and then going back to normal life. The sentence was the punishment, right, and after that, one is again innocent until proven guilty ..? Or is one still guilty, cannot be trusted for a long, long time to come, etc. ..? In that case, the punishment is harsh, severe, Life for every misdemeanour.

In both flavours, the struggle to get on one’s feet again is debilitating. On a societal level, unthinkable amounts of initiative and energy are lost. And then some. And the fabric of society crumbles.

Now then:

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