Boeings woes are just peak capitalism

Never mind the risk (of planes going down, full of coach cattle class humans) skyrockets, as long as our profits do too.
And if we go bust, well never mind, we have our many years of bonuses behind us and will soon find another places to pick up the steady flow of them again. And the company will be bailed out by the government since they’re too deeply dependent on our money-robbing scheme; think DoD playthings. Come to think of it; that might be ideal to get rid of most staff [that are complaining about ‘quality’ all the time anyway, we’ll just keep the handful quiet ones that we can squeeze out and then throw away b/c they have whole families depending on the paychecks, for food, shelter, and elementary healthcare. If we’d know what that would be.
And also this; the customer is the one who pays and damn the society we live in.

But what to expect in a country that isn’t a society, by lightyears… Outlined here and here. A constitutional crisis may be the least of the worries; necessary as it may be to fix the foundational flaw(s). The lack of frontier and open space to escape, was unique. Now, how deep is the pain of transformation going to have to be, to unroot the false premises of society ..?

Not for SFFS, I mean. Schadenfreudefernsehen. The world cares, even towards evil.

Oh well; this:

[Oh hey, there’s still Space to explore and colonise! Guess which country’s trying to extend their head start ..?]

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