No coin

Bank? Nopes!
[Bank towering over daily affairs? Nopes!]

OK, a final (?) note then on Bitcoin et al.
Because we haven’t discussed the non[?]-currency equivalents yet. Austrian Freigeld, Swiss (very succesful, still very much operational) WIR and Dutch Noppes (nothingnadas), that sort of stuff. And now, there’s Qoin, working internationally. Because Noppes “… didn’t deliver the required result. By linking noppes to the guilder [now euro], there was no market efficiency. With noppes, the rich still got richer. A lawyer could hire a cleaner very cheaply, whilst people with little talent and a greater demand for care, were left out.” OK …

Why then, link up with the community currency Makkies (‘hendies’), where the unit of calculation is someone’s hour of performance regardless of any-currency going rate ..?

And why not drop all the stuff altogether, and move to the full digital currency schemes? [Suddenly realise how ominous that can read.]

But I may repeat myself from that post, and others.

Conclusion: Crisis makes creative; let so many ‘genetic’ variants spring up in ‘richer’ times (rich of need, in a surprising evolution theory plot twist), and all but a few be weeded out once the real pressure comes on. And we’ll end up in Singularity armageddon.

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