Money is grease; 3D- and time-wise

[Matter, Brussels]

To come back to something I stated before, now more in the clear:

Money is the form that the grease of purchasing power captured takes, to span place and time differences between supply and demand of actual stuff (goods and services).

No more, no less. It’s handy, to that purpose. It bridges on-the-spot supply and demand imbalances, so that however abstract, markets can operate without on-the-spot perfect one-to-one barters need to take place. But it creates the Marxian wage gap… Does it? When studied in more detail and length, and varying abstraction levels, it may bring back ‘capital’ as production factor into the fold of perfect balanced theories of firm.
Quite a thing to pursue. If only I had time…

But think about it… The crazy abstract thing called ‘money’ that might drive some insane when thinking about the futility of its value foundations, may on another plane or polarization of understanding turn out to be quite comprehensible. Relief.

And, it points into the direction of uselessness of hoarding it beyond the amount that can be transferred back (sic) into real valuable assets and services; those that serve satisfaction according to Maslow’s pyramid rather than just satisfaction in a secondary or tertiary abstraction-away sort of fashion. So that’s why having and earning money beyond some point doesn’t raise our happiness anymore; our subconscious is aware of the futility of that ‘more’ and adds in some guilt over not giving away the money to elsewhere, to satisfy other Maslow needs…

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