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This @meneer returned to an old snippet, on his blog. To which I have the following, apart from an earlier post:

  • People, if they are real people, visit your site to obtain services, indeed. But you want either moneda or some other nonpecuniary return. This may be kudos only, as in the naive sharing model, or some other form of not near- but far-money, e.g., client data for you to sell better or to sell outright. [Yeah, I know @meneer, you wouldn’t. Others have mortgages.]
    So it’s not that they don’t trust you for services, but you may need some form of trust (e.g., through pre-trust in their propensity to ‘pay’ through some reliable third party declaring their trustworthiness or allsorts of revenue from affiliation however looesy defined).

Interlude; here’s a picture for your viewing delight:
[Valencia, obviously, by the master, obviously]

  • Unreal ‘people’ will just troll. Actual hooman trolls, or the AI that keeps getting better (also at guessing captcha’s). You may want to not ‘service’ them with bandwidth, and/or with room to screw up e.g., your site its stats, its quality image (re illegible or defamatory comments) or its usability for others. You do need some way to assess the trustability level in advance i.e., when the visitor comes to your site.
  • Your dislike for trust models is correct. But how did we get along on sneakernet ..? What is the closest proxy we can find, when in bits? Paying for bandwidth ..? All sorts of bonus/malus and whitelist/blacklist systems work only if not when all involved, all ‘citizens’, would fall under the same rule of unified law. I’m not negative, but don’t see a solution.

Trust is not a one-way affair (though ‘leaders’ of the real kind, trusted, may not trust all their followers individually…, etc.), but a cumbersome concept. Cumbersome implementations, will follow.
Too bad! And even if we get the basic concepts extremely simple, they may not be implementable similarly. As in e.g. quantum physics et al.: Simple basics, but not simple or useful in its implementation throughout when you’re in the mudane world out there, e.g., at a good restaurant. [Disclaimer: I’m not a fan of molecular cooking; waaay too much chasing effects at the expense of natural cooking.]

No I don’t have a definitive answer. Just wanted to add my 2c.

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