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… How did yesterday’s post know about what I type here now ..?

Too easy. Now for something real:
Nocial Media.
Which is about the distribution of socmed interactions.

Because, the best we have so far is stratified data, by country, age group / gender. Which totally misses that, my guess [hence: fact], a great many relations, either current/frequent or distant/loose, are distributed over a different set of classes. Like, a chunk will be global among peers of any sort (or several of such groups), but also the other chunk will be local, traditional, geo- or socially close like (well, F2F peers but they’re an in-between group) family, IRL colleagues, and association co-members.

Now, would any of you have data on such, probably exponential-in-many-directions, distributions ..? I’d love to hear, TIA.

Oh and on a side note; maybe worthwhile to have some sociology expert elucidate on this: What-how is our future when ‘kids these days’ use /Insta…/Snapch… etc. that leave so little trail; how will your future self be able to browse through old youth pics …? [Advertisers will … Be very sure of that…]

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