Temporary Awareness

A call for poignant pointers.

You may be aware that research is on-going (among other, by Yours Truly) in the area of sustained ‘security awareness’ — a misnomer for security habit change. Which is driven by psychological stuff like everyone’s individuality, everyone’s individual circumstances (not only at work, not only formal short/medium term) and everyone’s learning and operations style and preferences. And hence, habit change would also have to cater for all these differences. One-time ‘awareness training’ (sic), yeah, right on.

Still, such would be a somewhat valid approach … for perm staff.
Not for infrequent visitors, like your garden variety (IS) auditor, that would drop in every now and then and till have access to sensitive data; on purpose or not, benign or malign leakage or not.
Not for temps, interns et al., that are around too short for true awareness to sink to the back of the head, for instinct reflexes (oh ideal). Or the induction program would be a grilling drill; conter-productive.
Not, and this is where my problem is mostly, with third party staff, that primarily work for the vendor and have other KPIs than client security — at least, higher on their agendas. They come in (physically or remotely), do their thing that hooks quite deep into your operational processes (physically like cleaners and installers, logically through e.g., software and parameter updates) almost always at arms’ length control with still their other KPIs first, and then leave you possibly vulnerable or robbed, and ith full accountability without grip on actual operations taken place.

Apart from the platitudes of requiring transparent compliance with all your security policies (purely hypothetically, IF you’d be able to find and collect them, they’d be sorely outdated, and 50% or more wouldn’t be applicable but which 50% you have no clue), what about the above-mentioned change to the good sufficient habits ..?
Your input would be much appreciated…

[Temp attention, eternal bliss; Syracuse]

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