Rio per capita

… Is the medal list per capita out already ..?
[Spoiler: next Thusday’s post has some results for the below…]
For surely, just adding up medals per ‘country’ is ridiculous. When some country may send two athletes (four?) to some contest and can pull from, e.g., 10M citizens, how much infrastructure (economically, culturally etc.) can it muster, compared to some country that has a potentials pool of, e.g. 300M ..?
[Including that some form of compensation should be available for the very fact that population- and surface-wise smaller countries have a much lower ‘pyramid’ of local contestants challenging each other for better performance, and less physical room for training/contest facilities, uniform marketing hence sponsoring, and societal recognition to be had — if at all, see the following.]

Bragging about some idiotic sort of ‘we’ that has collected 1000 medals over the decades, is double nonsense. How many of the medal winners were allowed to procreate so prolifically that, genetically, the ‘we’ is now justified, gene pool wise? Or rather, how many of the medal winners were neglected by society so that they died in ignominy and often even poverty ..!? That’s quite contrary to the ‘we’, those medals should be discounted from any total …

So, where is it, the Per Capita medals list of, e.g., Rio’16 ..?

[No, the Netherlands wouldn’t climb very much higher; close to median in population as it is, and same qua performance (?).]

Next, what would a handicap system look like ..?

[a.k.a. ‘The Medal Race’ — or is it a commentary on the financial industry in the midst of which it lies beached ..? [spoiler: yes it is]; Zuid-As Amsterdam]

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