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Referring of course to … I’ll get to that.

Surprising none that followed app-sci developments in statistics and their practical use after the Black Swan, this came flying by, and this [with a link].
I sincerely hope these aren’t beyond your comprehension, or you’ll have to make-do with third-hand interpretations…?

No, they’re not mere theoretical physics (let alone mundane rocket science), right Sheldon ..? Yes the linked has 253 pages. Maybe not all quotes but still.

But they are relevant. Might they be implicated in biases ..? E.g., whereby the brain does/doesn’t include, surreptitiously, unconsciously, some learned (deviation from, or not) appropriate statistics ..? Is the brain wired [not this] wrongly [linearly], or too simple in the (potential) capabilities of neurons, to cope with maths beyond the trivial?
[At an angle, this tweet to a masterly contribution.]

Oh well, and:

[Also, caught in survival mode; Zuid-As Ams]

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