Should I go or should I go – Maps out of bounds

Oh-kaye, was on my way yesterday to this seminar on IoT — which is irrelevant info (is it?) but whatever — when I turned to Maps for final approach instructions, appropriate as I was, relatively speaking, props traffic i.e., by bus for once and on foot. The address: Clearly, Schiphol Group at Evert van der Beekstraat 202. Which Big G did find — far off from the ‘heart’ of EvdBstreet I had looked up earlier. As I guessed to have to walk only some 200m, I reverted to walking ‘back’ to the central terminal (in the rain, mostly), guessing the location would be in or next to the crew building. Arriving there… no sign of any ‘202’ or even of ‘Group’. Helped in a very friendly way, I was sent up the office block next to the old control tower, and from the 8th floor big window view was pointed… to the other end of the airport office area… where I had been, 200m off but now a full (English, or US of you’d desperately want) mile away.

Which brings me to the point (if any): At what point does one decide a whole seminar isn’t worth the effort anymore; time and travel spent being sunk cost and some more of both is required but also one’s already beyond suitably late …? As it happened, I had a couple (like, three) of these moments, time aplenty to have them, thanks to Google Maps… But still, you know that feeling, and how did you decide ..?

[Yes in the end I put in yet some more bus fare and did go; it turned out to have been very much worth it, due to ISSA NL organization]

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