Spinning Wheel — wait, for it: Clock or Counter-Clock ..?

Anyone noticed that IUs seem to make a thing of having replaced the clearly-archaic hourglass wait icon, with a spinning wheel — that was the Obvious part & mdash; but that the circle sometimes runs clockwise, sometimes counter-clockwise ..?
Part of the why is resolved, e.g., here, but the issue is that it seems to go all sorts of directions in/at all sorts of apps, sites, et al., as far as I can tell not seriously related to the linked explanation.

Yes, I’ve studied this here foundational theory, but also there, not much on directions. Didn’t even know Throbber was a thing.

Then, surely there’s an authoritative UX/GUI protocol (huh?) that has the definitive answers ..? Anyone ..? Oh well:

[Keeps on [ slipping, slipping, slipping | turning ], [ back to | into ] the future circles; Stedelijk Amsterdam]

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