Super, Cluster 0.0

How is it that Amsterdam promotes itself as a – the Supercluster, re bloktsjain in particular, when already this goes around ..?

Either ones are dunces kicking a dead horse and no competitor supercluster region had any need to tell them, or what are they hiding and is it a good idea at all to hide anything worthwhile these days, as any globally interesting development needs the globe’s best brains anywhere to develop into anything fruitful ..?
The latter raising the concern that all this ‘super’cluster thinking is derived from some ancient proto-civilisations’ notion of importance of geography. Contra the culture that the sought-after Innovators and Early adoptors live in.
So, either one hasn’t a clue of what one gets oneself into, or one doesn’t care for ‘supderduper’ cheap office space next to some loud and noisy fidgeting neighbour clueless, or one nomads – a. if that is a verb, b. when understood to not deny geography or locale but also transcends those.

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Well, I’ll move on, with:
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