From here to the end of the Block

Just a reminder, about some news lately on ‘chains and where this might lead…

First, we had this, already based on first indications of class breaks. After which, this.
And now, serious stuff. Not only technology-wise, but impacting societal discussions and actions. Also, just out, this (ht @meneer).

Now, I’m not afraid of such intermediate [I estimate …] drops in progress or confidence. I’m not quite ready to believe some claims … but still would give some products built on ‘chains, the benefit of the doubt even under duress of the claims of zero-value-so-far as linked in the above.

Which brings me to the point of this: What value in ‘chains? [Not Alice but ‘value’; like this]
What parts of the functionality make the difference, and have no loose ends like the ‘improbable’ claim that the above had – as such claims will prove to be of dev/null value (again) every time; only mathematical-logical proof of non-existence of such loose ends will help. Which will fail, since humans are involved i.e., nothing is secure. Time is not your friend.
Nothing is fool-proof anyway because fools are so ingenious. Yes, I call you ingenious.

The call to actions stands: What elements of blockchain ‘technology’ do solve existing problems, and how can we apply these elements ‘irregardless’ of ‘chains’ drawbacks or in other ways ..?

For your viewing pleasure while typing your extensive answers:

[You don’t even need those to be insecure; Voorburg]

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