Rebooting the CIA


The CIA of information security doesn’t cut it anymore. We have relied on Confidentiality-Integrity-Availability for so long, that even ‘managers’ in the most stale of government departments now by and large know of the concepts. Which may tell you that very probably already by that fact, the system of thought has been calcified into ineffectiveness.
At least we should reconsider where we are, and where we’d want to go.

Lets tackle Confidentiality first. And maybe foremost. Because it’s here that we see the most clear reflection of our deepened understanding of the value merits of information not being in line with the treatment(s) that the information (data!) gets. Which is a cumbersome way to formulate that the value estimation on data, and the control over that data, is a mess.
Add in the lack of suitable (!) tools. User/Group/World, for the few among you who would still know what that was about, is clearly too simple (already by being too one-dimensional), but any mesh of access as can (sic) be implemented today, makes a mess of access rights. Access blocks? Access based on (legitimate, how to verify) value (s), points in time, intended and actually enabled use, non-loss copyability, etc.?
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