Anticipating nothingness

[Your guess.]

Just read a post on Anticipatory Computing. Like it, though maybe not a full Belieber:
For one thing, the picture contains the limitations of the idea: It has this block Understanding the World, and within that Understanding the Human.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The idea presented, on the surface looks rather appealing. And scary at the same time. If a System around you would implement Ambient Intelligence, it certainly should include Anticipatory Computing. As noted in a post below, Data crunching or even Information or Knowledge, is a basis for Intelligence but no more than that… And notice the underpinning ‘Predictive Analysis’ idea.

But it’s scary, too, for its Privacy implications. Think Minority Report. Even the complacents may not want to live such a life.
Moreover, who will control the System ..? There is no safeguard that it won’t get abused; it will as even any democracy will succumb to totalitairan control. [Famous who was it that said this?] Or will not any human be in control anymore (no need) but will (s)he fall to the ÜberSystem as well? Singularity.

And don’t now complain that Anticipatory Computing will not go so far. Any development will go as far as it can, and further, with scope creep at a societal scale always winning out over moral counterforces.
Let’s just be happy that its fundamental flaws have already been built in. Apart from the practical aspects (some here); but we shouldn’t overstimate these, these days: A model of the World – Universe ..? As that determines 😉 the quantum collapse of probability functions that ‘determine’ us Humans since Understanding the Human requires encapsulation of all its erratic neuron firing – would have to include the model itself as well, leading to infinite recursion, silicon-based life’s idea of infinity.

Nevertheless, let’s see how things develop, shall we ..?

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