Too late, or not

So, today marks the 100 work days from 25-5-2018 mark. Not counting the umpteen bank and other holidays.
Wich means that

  • You’re (with) a large company: Not sorry to inform you; your GDPR program will fail. Per the above deadline, you will not have achieved enough. By far, not enough. Some plans, at most, and some paperwork. But not the end resulting detail minimum-level of data architecture, let alone pervasive improvements in set-up and management of actual, concrete, infosec. Reports notwithstanding, those are hyperfuzzy window dressing anyway.
  • You’re with an SME. Congratulations; when you start now, you can achieve compliance in time, without much stress. Since your environment is so properly tuned to the size of your business, all the above categories of work, can be done in quite limited time frames. But do start soon!
  • You’re in between. You’ll have some of the upside, but mostly the downsides of the above.

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