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Where the title is a total fake, just to get higher in the pop rankings. Of course. Because that’s what life is all about and a top five wouldn’t have done the trick.

Now then. On the subject of Roman decadence. Or not, because you’d not like discussions of US pre-elections in light of societal developments there. Still, the subject is interesting as it demonstrates again (after Argentina’s Peron age, and Italy’s age, and the dreadful general state of Duts politicks) that the ones aiming for democratic perfection, may by and large have arrived at the end game of the moral era. As in the link here and according the jeer of some ill-guided closed-minded utopian (isn’t he?) at the end regarding e.g., Greenpeace but of course taking not broad a scope enough.

To rest my case, The similarities are striking including the varying prolongment of the demise…

[Devil’s detail ..?]

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