Will the AI hype go on(to) Evolve next ..?

After the generic-AI hype will have slowed, and actual generic AI of the Normal kind gets integrated into society big time / you ain’t seen nothin’ yet time, what ..?

Apart from a huge spread of more ML algo’s than the mere Bayesian and non-linear regression (e.g., this one that I tested in a thesis already back in 1994 – it worked even when I had the feeble cpu power of the day),
And apart from the return of Expert Systems, since when the above start to become analysed everyone realises that is what ML does, on a big scale but still,
let me propose:

Evolutionary (genetic) algorithms.

Which is mentioned in this overview, I believe to recall – I’m human, and perfection is boring.
But not enough. Strange, when one considers how effective these are, and how e.g., ‘quantum computing’ actually is only a massively-parallel implementation of this.

To Be Continued …
[Already post-schedule, pre-release: this]

[Ah, as designed by evolutionary Nature… was temporarily my Martinique off-site working office… (cabin just off the beach there)]

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