[20/20 update]

Quoting before-last week’s post, alreay an update’let: ]
[Sigh] couldn’t resist the introvert-dad’s joke in title.
On the verge of the last Q of ’19 so you have a little spare time to prep; this, about the really really Big Things that will capture the news next year:

  1. Genetic algorithms (like here), maybe outright towards solving hard problems that ML-training offers no convergence on or, most probably, as an add-on stacked on top of Last Year’s ML results. As mentioned here, but also here and here (with links). Also, when you’re hooked on Python anyway: this;
  2. Some practical solutions à la plastic-eating bacteria going onto large-scale deployment, or CO2-capture into building material or into C/O2 reduction via solar thus producing the much-wanted pure C and pure O2 – some early trials are operational already but Scale will come next year;
  3. Hydrogen cars. Apart from safety issues [but similar safety was solved, adequately not 100,00%… for fossil fuel cars so what’s the big deal — and edited to add: it seems that elecs are catching fire much more often than fossils, and are harder to put out; yet more reason to not jump to elecs], the infrastructure’s mostly there. Just add an underground tank plus pump, right ..? No need to build extensive parallel loading stations that comparative-wise still take ages to fill up. Also, where’s the Formula-H class Grand Prix’ ..? Possibly, we’ll have these in abundance, but in the long term they still may be overtaken [huh. boring….] by Cells. And the Scots are onto something [apart from their wisdom in wanting to Remain; as a separate country, could they ..?]. Hopefully, ‘Shipping’ will be an innovation testbed already next year, qua hydro development, in their hydro environment ;-/ with secondary options (solar) and with sufficient room for installations on-board and qua land-based refuelling points;
  4. Breakthroughs in medicine, being able to cater much better ever quicker to gender/age-specific requirements;
  5. Quantum computing: Before 1/1/~ already some early traces of an upswing in hypefaction: here, with the appropriate (sic) debunkalicious tone. I.e., I don’t believe this will be really big within anything like five years, but a hype may be predicted earlier;
  6. … AI …? Only where BPR-driven. Yes, that’s right; despite the frequent re-name almost every year for the past <somanyyears>, latest was (sic) RPA, it’s still basic BPR in its original meaning not the totallyoverbureaucratised ‘method’. Gartner’s (others) are just a set of Mehhh’s compared to the above.

You’ll see I’m right.
Since #6 I don’t list, being my discovery of how to do time travel. Come to think about that: I discovered that in 2029 …but after and before that, who cares for the discovery date ..?

Now then, I’ll await the veracity of the above, with:

[Ah, what a museum! Drake’s first drill near Allegheny, or near Cleveland which sounds similar to Indianoplace]

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