Wired / Tired / Expired, November 2014 edition

[Weirdo’s – closing at 17:00h … doesn’t time melt for this artist, in this country (sic) …?]

Yes here’s the November edition of my Wired / Tired / Expired jargon watch overviews, a mixed bag again:

Yik Yak, Ello, Tsu The other anons (?) Whatsapp et al
As in this, where as only the very old folks remember fubbuk started. And the other ones, here. Already not making it past the tipping point? I mean, where are Whisper / Kik / Telegram / WeChat / Line / Viber / Wicker / Threema / surespot ? And this, as elsewhere on this blog. Mehhh, as in the elsewhere mentioned on the left.
Poodle Beast Heartbleed
Because it’s “not much of an issue” as it affects end point consumers only … OUTRAGE! They are your customers, they are the huge numbers, they are the incapable to cure (also since a fraction of B2C’s doesn’t effing care). If only server-owning companies were the vulnerable, with their very few numbers, their resolution capacity, and their economic interests. Yeah, yeah, working on it. Really? Still?
Taking action Taking symbolic action Taking no action / denying any problems (tie)
E.g., by forking out another $250M, not just peanuts. Because pay the peanuts, get the monkeys. … Or is the previous still only window dressing ..? Maybe some, silent, action might’ve cost much less. Anyway, symbolic action will prove to be the infosec czar’s new clothes. Legally invalid. Demonstrating incapacity to function normally in today’s business world.
Docker Google Docs ‘Private cloud’
Just as in this, and this and this – since the latter two. Into the main stream. Dumb outsourced data center, virtual or not. With all the privacy ramifications, without scalability (!) or efficiencies.
IoT detailing ever further IoT! Mixed up with Wearables et al. Cloud, ROSI etc.etc.
This kind of details … And these. Pls learn to discriminate or you mess up the discussions. Which will be, at all levels of abstraction and everywhere, as under W. Totalitarian Bureaucrat talk.
Not caring
(to be seen)
Faux 1% philantropy Posing
Hanging out at http://www.beriestain.com/ for example, just among like-minded self-sufficients (for peace of mind, not needing external recognition). Clearly, this. Uggg-gh!

OK, any suggestions for next month’s edition ..?

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