Flexing work vans

A thought just popped into my mind: If people are expected to be ever more flexible as for place of work, why would we still be tied up in concrete offices ..? Even if we move around, it is from concrete intensive-people-farm to the next, however flexible and nice it all may look. And all the flex space flex rent stuff is similar; tying people up to addresses.

Rather, wouldn’t it be of use if there were another variant suitably professionally organized, I mean not something like this:
resized_Hot_Dog_Van3_Front_Street_West_Toronto_Canada_3_October_2009[Hey, it’s someone’s office …]

But rather something a tiny bit more upmarket. Like:
leather-seat-covers-led-illumination-t5-multivan-vw-business-van-le[or just a little less conspicuous, with more actual desk space, filing possibilities (still, in this time and day), etc., for, probably, some quite a bit more affordable investment money and maybe a little more like above-linked ‘offices’ that this out-of-fashion posh]

So that the great many that aren’t at Queen Bee level that everyone flocks to – i.e., everyone, in the near future, in the flat(ter) network ‘organisations’ – can simply drive to the gathering places (previously known as parking lots) of choice and nearness to whatever client, and hook up the fully-equipped office to some power (charging the car battery and the equipment) and network to just do whatever work needs to be done. Could be downtown, could be at the park or beach front.

Oh well. It was just an idea….

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    1. Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I was also thinking along these lines. Hipsters might consider a classic VW minivan first, but that just wouldn’t have the height and required indoor space to be able to comfortably work — and maybe even hold a F2F meeting, if one would still want that in today’s world.
      And, on a side note: No, the world wouldn’t get plastered in (new) officecar parking lots; current parking lots could indeed be reappropriated *and* current office space could be repurposed (raised and asphalted) to actually decrease the footprint of Work, when commuters don’t use both office space as well as a car to get there.

      Question now is why this hasn’t taken flight yet. Maybe Style’s an issue. Not wanting to be seen as a gypsie moving around where the work is — but when one can do Knowledge Work from the beach front, things may look prettier. If only I had the seed money to get a fleet of these offices out for lease; crowdfunding it maybe …? ;-|

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