A parachute to your Dutch granny budget

If you have no clue about the title, read on.
It’s about a Dutch ‘granny bike’. And about your bosses’ golden parachutes. And how to get budget for the playthings bare minimum tools you require.

First off: the biker part. Note that this has unsurpassably been written up here. On how crappy banger bikes, are locked with supremo but ridiculously expensive gear and how this out-of-all-proportion control-cost still makes sense. Reading is believing.
Second: These days, FUD is Real; à la the “Either you’ve been hacked or will be, soon” line and including the ever bigger transparency in the press. With a warning of impeding disaster for all your remotely involved (even if by negligence — wait did I write ‘if’ ..?) bosses and their tenure, as these days, too, a great many including CEOs get fired / are forced to quit / commit seppuko almost, when <youknowwhat> hits the fan and always runs downstream, hence getting a lot of you superiors their golden parachute. Their mileage may vary, but the threat finally (…!) is a believable one. Either they believe (wrongly) to be able to escape the gauntlet anyway but should then, officially, care about the parachutes’ cost to the company and take that as a clue about the (tenfold++) reputational damage to the company, or … they aim to take the money and run and go on disastering elsewhere, leaving said reputational damage and parachute costs to the laggerds left behind — you inform the odd superior here and there that their colleagues/peers are about to pull their leg and leave the sweeping up of the damage to the stayers.
Summing up to: At the cost side, the rationale is such that the ceiling of any of your proposals takes off to, at last, suitable levels. At the benefits side (cost-avoidance), suddenly the decision makers’ personal interest is there.

Combined, this should as written suffice to finally get sufficient budget for the playthings bare minimum tools you require. Or what.

I tell you what: The above even now may still not make sense to the … [expletive censored] bosses above you. Plus:
[Harmless sea beggars on the Dutch coast; Bloemendaal]

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