Ah, the infiltration of.

Unfortunately, this is not about coffee, it’s about in-filtration.
And, supposedly, some form of exfiltration or abuse.

All about IoT – still going strong as a term, despite slowly growing out of the trough of disillusionment both qua general deployment and use of the things behind the abbrev, as qua security concerns that resurface unresolved moreover in bigger force.
Now with a side branch of the ugly duckling sibling Security getting its own term: Infiltration of Things. Nice. Certainly in reference to this recent post of ours. [Hoping that pre-publish linking actually works]

But then, we don’t need a new term as much as we need fundamental solutions for pre-existing conditions of weakness… As here, here and here, and many others before that..
Certainly this one, that also hasn’t been resolved at all. And displays only some part’lets of the very core reengineeering we need even with an e too many.

Thus, we haven’t started at all yet. But I’ll leave you with a distraction:

[Happens to be somewhat relevant, that building in the background; La Défense, appropriately]

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