Errrm, how to brick your car/office…

Though it was inevitable, this has arrived. The FourSixteen. Details and official pics here.
Which is of course all good; especially for the trickle down from the insane yet moneyed (re: the price tag) – note that I don’t mention ‘wealthy’ as that would refer to cultural development or common ethics and decency, that anyone seriously looking into this vehicle wouldn’t have – to the shop workers and onwards.

But in these Maker times … How would one go about modding one’s Prius ..? And how would one call a less-than-successful job at that? Bricking your ride..?

Anyway, totally (un)related, I’ll leave you with your mobile office:
[Yes it does have an office work bench for you. And wifi, once you plug in (??) a router]

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