Steve and Tim went up the hill…

Aren’t recent developments around, through, by the brand just an amusing (?) sign of the times – the times being the same as ever: A (single?) sinus wave (or multiple smaller ones, stacked on a larger one (bigger wavelength and amplitude); wavelets sales) –, as in this piece and this one ..?

As the latter quotes: “This is not [irrelevant reference to a musicological drama; ed.], and should instead be remembered primarily as a monumental blunder by the tech industry.”
to which:

But the details aside, why didn’t many enough see this coming? Why did anyone expect continued excellence from any company, in particular one so hyped, so turned into a dangerous cult already ..? Whereas so far, every co has demonstrated to have a serious Best Before / use By / Sell By issue. Except the rare exceptions, noted for the exceptionality.
As in:

Adn also don’t forget these twelve wineries… Yes some are so common and/or famed still that you wouldn’t think they’d be so old and still be in the same line of business… [Thanks Wine Turtle for the post]

So, the expectance that something(s; probably multiple, of varying error sizes and (distinct) impacts) might go wrong in any near future, would have had to be raised already, and rise still further. Note that through fuzzy logic, this isn’t offset I think by lowered probabilities of doing things well…! This is just how fuzzy (business) logic works, sometimes…
[Edited to add: And then we find this… Strangely not built into the corp system]

So, Steve and Tim went up the hill to have their little fun, then Tim forgot by taking the blue pill and now…

DSCN2435[What a once great name … Reims. Yeah, look it up, I’m not going to spell it out for you]

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