Be quick at Making or be like dead

When I noted an article (is it?) on Baidu Eye (all of you will certainly know by now what I mean…!?), it finally dawned on me: ‘we’ in the West (let’s say for purposes here, the 300M of Europe plus the 300M of North America) just don’t do enough rapid prototyping yet.
Because that’s the trade we have left to e.g., the Chinese when ‘we’ shipped our (rapid) product(ion) development to them.

Now, the sweatshop structure that sprang up to the side of that, is one huge landscape of rapid prototyping facilities. Which, if not ‘stealing’ (don’t start the legaleeze that’s way too dependent on cultural notions) product ideas before launch, or just slapping a different brand tag after (over)production, allows copycatting of products (commonly, of less quality or functionality) or of sparks of innovation (not taking a product as ideal model but as inspiration).

This somewhat fits the model of the Maker movement that springs up in the West. Is still springing up a bit, here and there. Was mentioned here and there, sparsely, and may have whittled into almost-oblivion already again ..?
Whatever; the Maker movement has a different focus, not on extremely-rapid prototyping to mass produce, but to keep it as close to one-offs as is feasible. Quite an opposite horizon!
And also leaving a vast playing field open for … others.

How can we change business / production culture to get, beside a Traditional and a Maker movement, a Happy Go Lucky Production movement where improvement-on-the-production-fly-cycles are much more rapidly learned from? (Much faster even than e.g., Samsung’s (and others’ like Apple!) fast-introduction-perfect-in-next-versions approach. But also taking this into account, for this reason!) No, just shouting around about tearing down bureaucratic rules won’t work; those rules are there to regulate the current rogues (big business, oligopolising everywhere) – I mean a real cultural shift. Is that what’s happening (or should happen) in some backwater country now that the 0.001% with help from the 1% has killed the previous mainstay power the Middle 80% ..?

Seriously, how can we rig, ground, lay the foundations, for such a Third Way ..? To get, e.g., this sort of initiatives far more widespread.

[Huh, since I wrote the above (couple of weeks ago), this came to light…]
[And this, the caveat you wanted …]

You (somewhere in the #=0 to #=3 range) have been such kind readers to even visit… hence I’ll leave you with:
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