Misquote: Eat this!

Let them eat cake

No. No, no, no, nonono. This wasn’t what Marie Antoinette said. She didn’t even say anything of the kind. Not even

Qu’ils mangent de la brioche

that Rousseau put in his memoires. And for those that suspect something akin was said by Merry Anthonia, there’s some more explanation of the miss in the quote here.

The more serious side of it all being that in its day, it might have been sound advice to eat brioche, for its nutritional value… If only the pesky 1% (rather even, 0,1%) like explained here, would have made that a challenge. … Very much like today’s USA … recognize and weep. And take heed of this.

Well, I’ll leave you to ponder, on a doughy note with:
[Casual dining; Het Loo]

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