Mayans leaving the US

Would anyone have a pointer to the research that compares the Mayans’ demise with latter-day developments in the first world ..?

As one hears not too much lately, about that grand theory about the sudden disappearance of the Maya culture that suggested that one-percenter total disconnect with the other 99%, lead to the latter leaving the, no more capable of sustaining themselves in the least, überbureaucrats to litterally starve in their palaces.

Which might very well happen if the Powers That Be, e.g., the 1% of business and congress and the sycophants/lobbyists around those, would continue their disconnect now so amply demonstrated in, e.g., primaries on both sides of some spectrum (both actually being far right, maybe?), to name just an acute symptom.

So, are there any anthropologists out there studying that odd primitive (here, without the ”…) tribe of white men (sometimes, very sometimes, caught in the body of technically a woman) and comparing the parallells with said sad Untergang des Maya-landes ..?

Even when I wouldn’t know what the results could be. Do count on the ‘Now is different’ error of which the size cannot be overestimated. But also, very maybe, detect the slightest of pointers towards betterment of current-day societies. And ways to make us see the latter their value, hopefully — hope being what’s left when arguments are lacking.

On the positive side:
[Similar not same: small-time onepercenterville now a tourist attraction (hotel); Gabbiano, Toscane]

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