Miss Quotes: Free Hegel

The quotes, of motivational nature or other, that you meet every time again — but aren’t, since they are garbled versions of the original. And the original had much more profound wisdom, or was even true where the misquote isn’t.

Yet another one in a series, a rather old one:
There’s nothing sure in life except death and taxes.

… …

For one, “The only thing you can be sure of, so the saying goes, are death and taxes — but don’t be too sure about death.” (Joseph Strout) — before but on the Kurzweillian strain of thought (more on that elsewhere on this blog) that ‘humans’ may leave their biological medium (‘substrate’) and live forever — probably on tape or 5″ floppy disks though that angle Ray discusses [satisfactory, for once] too. But whether Ray’s scenario turns out to be true (where would religion go …? Betraying his/his father’s roots?), or the Spinozaic or anthropomorphic deity would allow to be overruled in v1.1 of the Design, it would be short-sighted to take dying as inescapable.

For another, [skipping lazy evaluation of the And clause that would already render the quote a miss] David Graeber already proved that in the history of humanity, almost no-one ever paid taxes, the above is just an order by the receiving end put onto the paying end to suppress any even the slightest inkling of an idea for revolt. Whereas the Dutch started their war of independence officially because of an income tax levy of 10% — the outrage! and practice was ‘slightly’ different, very probably. So, no score here, either.


And the Hegel of the title: Search my earlier posts on that.
[This beauty however may not last forever ..? Bibliothèque Vanderbilt, Reims]

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