Watson’s place to be

Two points re Watson here, one poignant, one solved:

  • Where is Watson? Because, it must run on some (i.e., enormous number of) core processors that physically are, somewheres (multiple). Would anyone actually know or otherwise, wouldn’t that be scary for all the idol-worshippers of individualised-robotlike AI ..?
  • The name, the motto. After Thomas J.’s … Think. Name, sole purpose. Nomen est omen. Capice ..?

So there you have it. The question remains Open. Until you provide me with some answer, possibly..?

[Cogite, citius altius fortius! of the 1928 kind; Amsterdam of course]

2 thoughts on “Watson’s place to be”

  1. You couldn’t be more incorrect (is that even a thing?) of course.
    First things first: the first question has been answered – Watson is everywhere. The most virtual of virtual servers with an indefinite number of cores. In fact, you may be in the same room as dear Watson.
    Which brings me to the second question – the jury is still out on the question regarding the namesake of “intellēctus ad infinitum” (or whatever the hell it would be in Latin). I’m putting my money on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s John H. Watson. Granted, it’s not a lot of money but still….

  2. Same here! There is no server in this room, only a couple in this building, and I am very, very sure nothing Watson-related is on them. ‘Indefinite number of cores’ is (still) non-existent. Does Watson run on a limitless number of Russian / ISIS servers, too, you guess ..? So Watson isn’t everywhere. It’s not in my car. Not on my phone! Not in my tablet, now *this* lists continues ad infinitum…!
    But my point is that it is already very hard to ‘pinpoint’, and (indeed) will be much more so in the future — with dystopian consequences for controllability of the (runaway-, probably) ASI.
    And, the link to not Conan Doyle’s Watson but to the IBM CEO, is just a trivial search away (far froma AlphaGo search needed 😉

    Nevertheless, thanks for reading the post, for a record (well…) that makes two of us ..! ;-|

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