Right. Without -s

So, we’re into this era of giving up control over our lives. Where we’re either dumb pay-uppers, or (also) victims. Which in turn leads to questions regarding who will have any income at all, to pay for the service of being allowed to sit as stool pigeon until shot anyway.
Because the latter is what follows from this here nifty piece; Tesla not giving your data unless they can sue you. The EU push for human-in-the-loop may need to be extended considerably, but should, must. Possibly similar to the path of the Original cookie directive, from weak opt out to strong double opt in plus all privacy requirements (purpose / functional necessity, minimalisation, etc.etc.).

Do we recognise here again the idea that though your existence creates it and would be different for every human on earth (plus orbit), your data isn’t yours ..? Quod non! When someone takes what you produced (however indirectly! – inferred and metadata and all) without payment, that is theft or worse in any legal environment.
Is there anywhere a platform where the consequences of this global delineation are more clearly discussed, between Your Data Isn’t Yours Because We Process It, versus My Data’s Mine Wherever ..?

I’d like to know. And:
[Your fragile fortress…; Barça]

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