Seriously, what is @google up to ..?

Just a short note. Or question, rather: What the … is Google up to, these days..?
I mean, Glass has turned into a pilot thing, as yet testing the waters only, but spawning a whole eco(?)system of wearables. One of The Other Ones (fubbuck) swallowing up Oculus might tie in to this (pre-emptive, to keep it out of G’s hands ..!?), or not.
And after Hadoop there’s news on WebScaleSQL; I can understand that (but see how this means reaching out to conglomerate with erstwhile fiercest (attention) competitors).
But then there’s AI. Yeah, that might improve Search. But the potential(s) for game changers of unseen kinds are limitless. Is the Big G trying to outflank Watson, and/or will G morph into the Matrix ..? Blue pills…, blue pills everywhere….
Compared to this, the jump to Gmail Banking is just a little one, (will) disrupting only a couple of major industries.

As it all stands; what is Google’s grand master plan, or if there isn’t one, how could one get a good overview of all (sic) the initiatives in the wings, either public or, of which I guess there’s a lot more to know, internally?
I would sign a stack of NDAs to get an insight – if only to be able to decide on a reinventive career switch… Thanks Google if you could reach out to me!

Oh and now to close it off of course encore the usual picture for your viewing delight [sits on ‘Picasa’ somewhere anyway ;-]
[Appropriate, if you know what/where I mean]

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