Many Books by Quote

By means of a start of a Recommended Reading list. Index Librorum …
In random order (!); semantically and qua Importance. Seek order and you’ll be disappointed – that would be a result.

Zarathustra Adapt
Audit Society Black Swan
Boethius Canetti Blendung
Canetti Masse und Macht Canetti Provinz des Menschen
Collaboration Decameron
Descartes Dormouse
Ethica Nicomachea Everything is Obvious
Feyman What do you care Feynman Joking
Games people Play GEB
Hypnerotomachia Poliphili Icarus Deception
Leviathan Liars Outliers
Mintzberg Montaigne
Musil 1-2 Organised uncertainty
Ortega y Gasset Practical Wisdom
Quintilianus Rawls
Resilience Spinoza
Taleb Fooled Taleb procrustes
Tocqueville Ulrich Beck Risk Society
Ulysses Who Owns The Future
You Are Not a gadget More will follow…

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