Shaping up Non-BYOD


To investigate; an idea: Now that the BYOD phenomenon has taken the pressure off of IT departments’ provision of equipment (and software), how can we use the time and budget that has become available, to shape up the Asset / Configuration / Inventory Management regarding the iron that we still have, keep, and service ..?

Out of a desire to maybe see those systems management areas for once be complete and current… Even if only for the efficiency of subsequent maintenance, and the beauty to see insight finally bringing better understanding and razorsharp management.

But it won’t be an easy walk. Because of the backlog… Because of the amount of work, redecorating the shop while it’s still open for business, and while all sorts of other demands are placed on staff; demands that are more urgent, more important, and more interesting ntellectually.

And because so much … user interaction oh the horror, is required. To establish the total landscape of all systems, from the meanest hardware cable and plug, all the way up through the infrastructure, systems software, middleware, applications, parameters, et.etc. up to what the end user would understand to be their ‘system’. And back again, checking the rationale of every tiny part, and every chunk in between and at the top. Indeed, much may be found, that wasn’t suposed to be there, that is, without anyone knowing why, but still working, without anyone knowing why. Or how. Or where…

So far, so good. But now, the shop is still open and all end users want the latest (app!) toys to be connected to just all enterprise ‘systems’ in ways that nobody would know a rationale for but hey, we must quod non give it a try!
Yes, the old demands are still there, reenlivened, with seriously stepped up requirements in terms of timeliness and speed, versatility, and quality. High time to make it happen; high time to start with the basics ..!

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