Another Art (Ac)claim

If only titled such for the alliteration allure.
But seriously, folks. This as an idea claim, more like a bucket list item “closer than you think”:
Wokking around the World.

Which is about building a collection of pictures of all the situations where The Wok applies;

  • Wokking in Memphis
  • Wokking in a Winter Wonderland
  • Wok the Tok (Dutchies will get the hint of chicken ;-[ )
  • Wokking on the Moon — OK, this may take some photoshopping…
  • Wokking on Sunshine — implementation to be decided
  • Wok like an Egyptian — either in front of some pyramids, on the borders of the Nile or Suez Canal, or with Egyptian ingredients
  • Wok this way, tok this way with a chicken running away from the frying pan
  • Wok on the wild side, at a zoo for ease of implementation
  • Wok (me out) in the morning dew
  • … Starting to sense the music theme here, right? Though seeded and mixed with general stuff…
  • Under the Board-wok — easy; by the sea
  • These boots are made for wokking — just hold them over a wok pan
  • Wokking in the rain — maybe not feasible to have Grace Jones do this for the picture, though
  • You’lle never wok alone — somewhere in the midst of. e.g., Liverpool supporters
  • Wokking a tightrope — obviously, just put the rope in a pan whilst holding a balancing bar over it…
  • Wok in someone else’s shoes — easily made visible when they’re three sizes too large
  • A wok in the park
  • Wokking on water — not too literally b/c that would be dangerous, just do it on top of some raft
  • Wokking the dog — maybe not literally
  • And throw in a lot of pics from around the world as well, just for the heck of it.

Well, you get my drift anyways. As said, it’s still an idea only but pleasurable to think about it, to think it through, already. Therefore, we are.
[Note: If you consider this to be in line with Extreme Ironing then yes, they’re similar in folly’ness and then what ..?]

Oh, and already:
[May be required still, for the On the Moon part; DC obviously?]

Maverisk / Étoiles du Nord