The Compliabullies

[Berlin at dusk]

Just a thought: Would investigation and analysis show that the kids that were bullied in prep school and / or (separate hypotheses…) high school, in later life be the ones that end up in Compliance and Risk Management (not being management of risks…!) departments, to take eternal revenge on those that bullied them..?
Because the latter will not have noticed too much the damage they did (they were kids back then) and have merrily gone their own way as they were allowed to be prepped to do. Now, they find themselves being caught in a web by the ones that have frustration embedded deep in their brains at the lower levels that (truly) developed early on, the ones that want to get even by tossing around and beating the innocent puppets into ill-understood compliance with stupid rules.
The bullying instigators, of course, the ones that were behind the scenes, are the big stingers that happily fly straight through the web that catches only the little bugs.

If so, will there be a fix, so much needed, to the totalitarian bureaucracy explosion of the last decade or will the ossification have to go even further before the current economic structures collapse under the weight of their overhead and inproductivity ..?
Sometimes I’m optimistic that the cycle has already reached its peak (see some earlier posts). Sometimes I’m not, and would appreciate your ideas…