Rule-based rules rule, babe

First, a picture for your viewing pleasure. You’ll need it.
[OK, noga I mean toga I mean yoga class, Bryant Park]

Solliciting your help in trying to find the lapse of reason in the following:
Rule-based laws, or regulations, or organisational procedures, aren’t always bad. There need not be a principle-based approach always certainly not since (fact) that deteriorates over time into yet another bucketload of rules every time again for clarity [which proves it just is too difficult for the great many, to think, to only need the principles and act accordingly…].
There can be simple sets of rules… here and there … IF those rules are the precious few guiding rails needed, to keep everyone in reasonable alignment. Brushing off the sharpest edges, and standing ready in the background when something might go heywire.

In organisations throughout. Anything one can dream up, may be left to the specialists (if…), who (should) know best and need not be micromanaged.
Who is it that thinks to be better at rule-setting than the ones in the midst of turmoil in the first place ..? The compliabully, yes, but kick back (Frappez! Frappez toujours!) for freedom. The biggie rulesets derived from principles or not: They squash your freedom of action, your independece, your autonomy.

Take a look at societal rules. The law books have a few very abstract principles, and a great many very detailed rules… In case of doubt, courts come to the rescue [give or take that even there, one cannot be 100% perfect always]. Normal people using their normal brains, will not overstep the line.
Why can’t subsocieties like industry sectors function the same way? No autorities there, to govern the lot? Too many free riders and other scum, maybe; then step in from the outside and wipe it all clean (including the internal cleaners that didn’t perform – claw back their income in full as they didn’t deliver on their promises. Bad luck, such is life throughout the centuries).
Why can’t subsubsocieties like organisations function the same? Same. Would wipe the top half of many an organisation; silly bureaucrat mice walking on the bridge next to the elephant and claiming how much noise you make.

So, would we need oaths per professional association or per industry sector? No. By having been born, one has sworn to uphold the law that includes the lesser rulesets that any halfbrained dunghead could know to have to work within.

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