The wave of risk

A call for comments, on a crazy (?) idea of mine:

If quantum physics is all about probability waves [not ‘particles’] out there, floating in n-dimensional space-time reality (digression(?): the thing we have in our head, not claiming any ‘reality’ like the founder of the idea, Kant, still had – go ahead, dismiss him without any understanding at his level, you physics guru n00b),

why can’t we use the same wave function analogy for a practical purpose like risk management?

Analogy; as you use even ‘waves’ as a metaphor for communications purposes, to get from your brain to someone else’s – how’zat for a miss on maintaining the above inner representation is All (quasi-Buddist style).
Risk management; as there too, in particular re the time dimension, chance and impact functions of certain events are curves, waves, multiplied hence strengthening or cancelling amplitudes wherever. All the event waves running criscross across each other.

And, once a risk actually comes into view (observation), the wave function, ‘risk’, has collapsed into an event.

Just like in reality.
But then, I’m unsure anything can be learnt from this.
But then, you might have a notion of usefulness of such a new approach. Throw in some wavelets here and there, and I’m even happier. You’re invited.


[Double slits everywhere, not for experimentation but hopefully for in-out diode functions only; Caen]

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