Walk the data then Talk

In a slight pre-view of an upcoming post about how to do ‘AI’ right in any organisation [hint: not bottom up per se but rather top-down with b-u as a sauce…], there is this little gem about “Efforts fall short in the last mile, when it comes time to explain the stuff to decision makers“. After having fallen short in the first near-complete marathon [ultra ..?] of ‘ETL’ (as here and here, with moderator here).
Well that’s it for this post now.

Sort-a; but quite different from bubblesort or binary sort. Since the above seems to be about the ‘exit’side of ML, where the PoC suddenly finds itself center stage in the spotlight, whereas the mere programmer just wanted to create Art for art’s sake. Which hints at more than the conclusion to the above, i.e., the upcoming post’s storyline which is: the PoC and even the eventual [waaay-down-the-road] production engine will need to be the outcome, final stages, of implementation of a full-on system that fits a slight part of business process transformation. Not the other way around.

Also, let’s not forget that … Oh well see the upcoming posts. All of them. Then read back through history. All approaching-1500 of them.
Or, this:

[Yes that’s the Justice ‘palace’ at the IJ, Amsterdam; don’t blame my mobile from a ferry for the blur… that you’d get from ML, too anyway]

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