OT Number Two

Yes, dear readers, it’s time again to discuss the ramifications of linking up your fridge to the Internet. Because you Need to, or so. Eat-eat-eat, right, never miss a superfluous beat?

But actually, this time it’s about your other business end [among various, more than two I hope for your integral well-being], not as much input-oriented qua foodstuffs but output-oriented. Where the question arises, even much more so, about the Why of hooking up to the ‘net. Since not only the potential privacy loss qua ‘regular’ operation of the data feed already seems much bigger than the benefits, but also the less-regular [hope-fully less frequent I mean] privacy loss diminishes the ROI below the zero line ..? As in this article, pointing at concerns of professionals – not of the ‘business’ concerned but of the support function – regarding their own private [pun intended, though very lame] ‘business’.

What a time to be alive indeed. Aren’t we happy that maybe through this, security and privacy might finally end up in nationwide / global politics discussions … Or would, meta-semantically, not much change when the subject in those circles, would move onto the above?

I’m done. Also:

[Nope! They’re to change clothes, and don’t have [cameras or] any connection, wireless or otherwise; Noordwijk I believe it as]

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